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Cesar Jimenez
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
23 years old (my birthday is on New Years Day)

DIAGNOSED: Asperger's Syndrome (a form of Autism)
I sometimes say things that I don't really mean (especially when I'm angry and frustrated). And while I sometimes act like I know everything, truth is, I know very little. So I apologize for anyone I hurt and/or offend; I often have trouble finding the right things to say.

I've been drawing since I was two years old (according to my parents).
My first drawing was a 3/4 perspective of an elephant (from Blue's Clues)!

I began creating my own original characters and style since 2005, when I was 10 years old.
Since then, I've been creating my own original characters and world and stories.
Most of the things I create are based on real life, other existing characters, or my own fantasies.
I call my own original cartoon characters "Jimenitoons", who live in a city called "Jimenopolis".

I haven't really used it for much art in years, though. But you can still see some of the stuff I USED TO work on.

If you do Friend me on Facebook, please remind me who you are on DeviantArt (or tell me your Facebook name so I know who you are).

I must warn you, my creations are COPYRIGHTED © by me, so for the time being, only I can draw them. As much as I would like to see others' fan art and interpretations of them, I have set the rules to not allow anyone to draw them at the moment. You WILL be able to draw them at some point... just not right now.
Here is a journal that explains it all:…



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My personal tips for using Photoshop:
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This is just to help you get started on the best possible tools to use to work on Photoshop.
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Journal History

In honor of Super Smash Bros. coming out for Nintendo Switch on December 7th, I had this great idea for a bunch of collabs.

Yes, a BUNCH of collabs. Not one whole collab, but multiple. All of them looking somewhat like the image above, but with different elements.
I decided maybe we could put our own OCs against each other, just like the Nintendo characters from the Smash games. 

Related image

Nothing personal going on between them like in Captain American: Civil War. It'd just be VS battles for the fun of it, like the Smash games. And there could be as many collabs as I can dish out until the time comes when the game is released.
I have already made a journal explaining my concept in mind.
Read about it here:
Here's a concept for multiple collabs...Keep in mind, I'm just sharing an idea for collabs. I don't have time to do them right now at the moment. I'm just sharing my idea to see what you think and if you'd like to take part in it when I'm ready to do it.
So, I once saw some deviation that mentioned Nintendo and Smash. Just mentioning those words reminded me of the fact that Super Smash Bros. comes out for the Nintendo Switch this year. And all of THAT got me thinking of this idea for a possible project, which could be a possible collection of collabs.
My idea?
A Super Smash Bros. styled fight with OUR OCs!
That is, imagine a screenshot of the Super Smash Bros. game(s), but with our characters in place of the characters in the game, and the backgrounds being backgrounds based on the worlds of our characters!
Basically, it would look pretty much like a screenshot of the game, what with the platforms and health score, but with our characters fighting each

Here, though, I have decided to list the OFFICIAL rules for the collabs. Listing every possible detail to keep in mind when doing these. So if anyone wants to join in, this is the official journal for the collabs and the official journal for the rules.

Welcome to the Super Smash OCs Collab!
Rules and details down below:

Your OCs against my Jimenitoons
Marilyn and Corpsie by JIMENOPOLIX
Because I'm running the collab, I suppose it makes sense to have your OCs go up against mine (the Jimenitoons). I COULD put an option to have your OCs battle someone else's OCs without the inclusion of my own, but then what would I have to do with the collab myself?
So, if you know my Jimenitoons, pick one (or two or three) to go up against, select your OC of preference, and let me know what you would want them doing.

2: One on one
3: Two against one
4: Three against one, two against two, or all four fighting each other.
As is traditional with many Smash Bros. games, you can only go up to four players (not including online gaming). So with that in mind, go crazy with who will be battling who.

  • Your OC against a Jimenitoon of mine (or against someone else if I allow it).
    Ricky VS Shelby by JIMENOPOLIX
  • Your OC against TWO Jimenitoons.
  • One Jimenitoon against TWO of your own OCs.
  • One Jimenitoon against your OC, with someone else's OC as your ALLY.
  • One Jimenitoon against your OC, with another Jimenitoon as your ALLY.
  • Your OC and one of my Jimenitoons against someone else's OC.
    Micro-Boy Protects Lizzie (Colored) by JIMENOPOLIX
  • Your OC against THREE Jimenitoons.
  • One Jimenitoon against THREE of your own OCs.
  • One Jimenitoon against two of your OCs, with someone else's OC as your ALLY.
  • One Jimenitoon against your OC, another Jimenitoon, and someone else's OC.
  • One Jimenitoon against your OC and two other Jimenitoons.
  • One Jimenitoon against your OC and others' OCs.
  • Etc.
    Happy Cinco de Mayo! by JIMENOPOLIX
  • Two OCs of yours against two Jimenitoons.
  • Different OCs, two on one side, while the other has your OC and a Jimenitoon.
  • Three Jimenitoons and your OC, two fighters on each side.
  • Your OC and another's OC against two Jimenitoons.
  • Your OC and a Jimenitoon against another's OC and another Jimenitoon.
  • Etc.
    Fanboy, Fancatsyd, Toongirl and Kyle (Colored) by JIMENOPOLIX
  • Your OC and three Jimenitoons.
  • Two of your OCs and two Jimenitoons.
  • Your OC, another's OC, and two Jimenitoons.
  • Three OCs and one Jimenitoon.
  • Etc.
    DA Girls Group 5 by JIMENOPOLIXCOMM: Balloon High Noon in June by EarthVStheDerek


1) OC's Personal Powers

If your OCs have special powers, they can use those. And even if they don't, perhaps you could make something up for them, like the power of explosive kisses (;P) or biting things down hard, or even farting... or hammer space (pulling things out of thin air). They don't have to be canon to their series.
Britney the Gamer Girl by JIMENOPOLIXFake TV Show Screenshot 17 by JIMENOPOLIXAsk My Jimenitoons - Britney 24 by JIMENOPOLIXHATS IN THE AIR! by rachetcartoonsHammer Space: What's In A Name by ABwingz

2) OC Items

Any special items your worlds and OCs possess? Those could be used as weapons.
BNP: One-Eyed Petra by JIMENOPOLIXLizbeth and her Ax by JIMENOPOLIXPenny Doodle and Zoe (Colored) by JIMENOPOLIX
Maxine in Action by JIMENOPOLIXDark Wizard Holding his Wand by JIMENOPOLIXChristmas Tooth Fairy by JIMENOPOLIXBonnie's fire chop by Muggyy

3) Super Smash Bros. Power-Up Items
Of course, there's always the classic Smash Bros. games special items that drop from the sky, out of nowhere. Those can still be used if you have nothing clever to come up with.
Image result for Super Smash Bros. items

4) Final Smashes (perhaps?)
Can't forget final smashes. Just come up with some crazy power your OC could possibly have for a final smash (doesn't have to be canon to your series).
(NOTE: Only ONE character can have a final smash, not more than one.)
Bonnie fiery aura by MuggyyZoe's Dark Wizard Nightmare by JIMENOPOLIXGlowing Micro-Boy by JIMENOPOLIX


1) Our Own OCs' Worlds
Have an established setting for your OC(s)? You can use a certain location from that world for the battle to partake in. Of course, we'd have to pick a good location, as well as coming up with platforms for the characters to jump on.
Fake TV Show Screenshot 20 - Mall Only by JIMENOPOLIXEvolution by EarthVStheDerekUrbington Suburbia by nerdsman567

2) Other DA Creators' Worlds (with their permission of course)
If you wanna be more thoughtful and include others into the mix, we can ask them for permission to use their original OCs' setting that isn't our own for a battle zone.

3) SSB Locations

Just like with the use of the classic SSB power-up items, we can also go back to the classic SSB battle areas for fights, if we cannot come up with clever places for our characters to fight in. Depending on the complexity of the background, it will either be a screenshot (with any perfect angles) or redrawn (in a simpler matter that's easy to recognize as well as easy to draw).
Image result for Super Smash Bros. stagesImage result for Super Smash Bros. stagesRelated image
Image result for Super Smash Bros. stages

And this is where YOU come in...

Even though I'd be doing most of the work, the collabs cannot happen without you. You are the ones that come up with the recipes to making the action happen. You suggest what the scene will be about and how it will look, what the characters will be doing, where it's taking place, etc. Without your suggestions, the action piece cannot happen. So you make the details, as well as contribute something to the illustrations.


1) Pre-plan the action
You decide what goes on in the scene. You either have the characters ready to fight, lunging at each other, attacking each other, one character attacking the other or vice-versa, character(s) attack(s) while the other(s) dodge(s), a character being flung into the air, or one character using a final smash against the other(s). You must give the specifics of how the scene will look. You must choose which Jimenitoon your character will be fighting and how you would like them to react.
NOTE 1: I may have to throw in suggestions if I do not agree with how you expect the Jimenitoon(s) to react. Hopefully, we can come to a compromise.
NOTE 2: If you want more characters on the scene, such as someone else's OC, be sure to let me or the other artists know.

2) Draw your part
You draw your own character, how it will be posed and where you want it positioned, as well as what it'd be holding if it's holding something at all. Then send me the image of the character through Stash so I may download it and insert it to the scene.  Just draw your character flat. No shading. Preferably black outlines. I'll add the shading when you send them to me and I insert them on the scene (that is if you would like some shading on the pic).
NOTE 1: Be sure your drawing is at least 600x600 pixels wide and high (at least depending on what action your OC is doing), large enough for me to resize in editing.
NOTE 2: If you cannot save your character image as a PNG with a transparent background, that's fine. Just make sure your character is in a white background so I may delete the background in editing.
NOTE 3: If you want other's OCs in the scene, be sure to ask them if they'd like to partake in the collab, first. If they accept, be sure to ask them if they can draw their OCs to your preference, and give them the guidelines above. If they do not want to partake in the collab, then just ask me how you'd want them drawn and I'll draw them myself to your preferences.
NOTE 4: Limit: 4 characters in a scene.
NOTE 5: The majority of this project is mostly digital art. Some of you may not have the technology for making it look digital. You can ask me to trace over your drawing and recolor it to have it fit the style in the collabs. You'd at least still be doing your part; I'd just be upgrading it a bit. And even if you draw your characters digitally, if you still want me to trace over them to have them look more fitting onto the scene, let me know.

You know those damage meters in the Smash games that are displayed at the bottom of the screen?
Image result for super smash bros damage meter
Now what I need from you is a "profile pic" of your character that can be used for the "Damage Meter" at the bottom of the screen. Make sure it's a good-looking one so that it looks good on the "Damage Meter", as well as in case I need to use it multiple times. Lord knows I'll be using them multiple times for the many times any of my Jimenitoons are chosen.
Phoenix Wright Smash HUD by evilwaluigiHeaven Spark Damage Meter by JCTheAllStar31Super Smash Canterlot Alvin Damage Meter by Mike437
NOTE 1: Also be sure to tell me how much damage you want each character to have. Be creative with the numbers, not greedy.
NOTE 2: You don't really need a symbol for your Damage Meter. I won't include those. I'll just be creative with whatever I come up with for designing our OCs' Damage Meters. All I need is the OC profile pic and the damage percent.

3) Choose a background
Either we fight in your characters' setting, my OCs' setting, or some other OC's setting. Or, again, you can choose one of the classic SSB games' settings.
NOTE 1: If you select some other artist's OC's setting, tell me which one and either I or you let the artist of that other OC know.
NOTE 2: If you want an existing Smash Bros. background, let me know. Depending on what you want, either the background will be an existing screenshot, or illustrated to your preferences. Also, I can't promise I will draw it exactly as it looks in the games; it will most likely be simplified to a tee while still attempting to be recognizable.
NOTE 3: You decide whether or not our characters will have shading.

Get this info together and draw your OC the way you want it (as well as getting other artists' OCs if you ask them), and send it all to me through Notes and Stash, so I may download it to later edit and put together.

As you all know, life has gotten busier for me, especially this summer, with a bunch of things going on. Just because I'm allowing the collabs to begin now doesn't mean I will be finished with your pics immediately after one day or one week. Stuff happens that I must take care of, and it could take weeks or even months until I get at least one or two or six pics done. If I get lucky, I could dedicate an entire day to making a couple of pics. But I cannot promise I'd get these done as fast as you expect.

Also, I would allow a person to have many ideas for many collab pics, but you must consider how many watchers I have who would want in on this, so be considerate over how much you're asking from me and for me to do. Please try to keep it rather minimal, alright? Pretty please?

So I'm letting you know now that I may not have much time or many chances to actually get these done. I'm just allowing the collabs to begin so you can start planning your scene(s) as well as doing your half of the collabs. Remember, you're the ones with the suggestions and the artistic ability to bring some of the images to life. I do the rest of the work when I receive the details and your OC(s). The level of difficulty working on an image will depend on how many details you put into the scene.

You can just send me the details and OC pics through Notes and I'll save them in a folder so I can look at them later and get started on them when I have time.

So, just to reiterate: I will not start working on the images immediately. I will only work on them when I have the time. You can do your part right away if you like and send me the details and OC pics through Notes and Stash. But please be patient with me as I may not have enough time to work on the rest of the projects.
Welp, that's just about everything.
Remember, I may have started allowing the collabs to take off, but that doesn't mean you'll expect results really soon or almost immediately. You just do your part, send me the details and your OC, I'll save them in a folder, and I'll work on them later when I have the time.

For now, have fun planning and drawing your parts for the collabs. Just please be patient with me.


When The Incredibles sequel finally came out...

You know, in light of the new Dumbo trailer, what with the song "Baby Mine" sounding echo-y and creepy, as well as Maleficent's "Once Upon A Dream" having the same style...
...I wonder if this shall become a meme.

A meme where people take a beloved song from a classic Disney film (one that's getting a remake) and giving it a long, stretched, creepy, echo-y makeover/cover.

Like, can you imagine the songs, "Hakunnah Matatah", "Reflection", and "Friend Like Me" or "A Whole New World" getting a creepy cover? :XD:

I'm betting somebody's gonna start that meme at some point. Somebody who has good vocals and the right programs to parody the creepy covers of beloved Disney classic songs. No need for fake trailers; just the creepy song covers are enough. :XD: It'd be hilarious.
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all fathers out there!
In light of the Dumbo trailer that has recently been released, I thought of sharing this once again.

Oh, and this.
Welp, we have a new Grinch trailer.

In all honesty, it's much better than the first trailer. We get to see more of Whoville, AND we hear more of Benedict Cumberbatch as the Grinch.

On the other hand, I have a few concerns.
First of all, even for the actor chosen for the role... BC's Grinch kind of sounds underwhelming. Nothing really makes him stand out (except for the moment when he says he's going to steal Christmas). He just sounds like a "regular" guy with a silly voice.

Also, we get this flashback through the Grinch's eyes where he was stuck in an orphanage, where Christmas once shined, but then it seems like Christmas slowly began disappearing from his life when he saw how happy everyone was on the outside, and how miserable he felt staying in there.

So, from the looks of the trailers, I have a few predictions...
1) The Grinch hates Christmas because it was never there for him and it brought him nothing but misery BECAUSE it was never there for him, so he decides to steal it to make the Whos as miserable as he was when he was young.
2) The Grinch DOESN'T hate Christmas and instead wants to experience it for once, so he decides to steal it so he can have it all to himself while the other Whos remain in misery for not having a Christmas.

Why do I get the strange feeling that it may be the second one...?


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